A Long History and Passionate and Involved Alumni

Camp Stephens has a long history and many passionate and involved alumni who keep in touch and are supportive of the camp. They share experiences, memories and participate in camp initiatives. They are a huge part of the Camp Stephens spirit.

Check out this awesome video that celebrates the spirit of what Trail and Camp means.



Alumnus Bruce Owen has a Camp Stephens blog!  Check it out at:

The Camp Stephens newsletter is open to all alumni, from way back when to more recent times. I’m just one person. There are plenty of tales to tell. All of you are welcome to tell them. Just send me your stories and ideas, and we’ll go from there.

Don’t let me hog the puck. Please.

If you have current e-mails of alumni, please forward them to me. The more the merrier and the greater chance someone else will buy the next round.

Cheers, Bruce Owen (


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