Our Staff

At the Heart of any Well-run Camp is its Staff.

The Camp Stephens’ staff is a special group of dedicated young women and men who have been carefully selected based on their skills, talents and experience. All counsellors are certified in First Aid, CPR and Bronze Cross and have undergone criminal record and child abuse registry checks.

Drawing from the ranks of YMCA-YWCA Leadership programs, universities, colleges and other camps across the country, our staff team understands the importance of being a friend, teacher and role model for campers.

Camp Stephens’ staff is led by a full time on-site director and proudly follows the standards established by the Manitoba Camping Association and YMCA Canada.  We look forward to providing a positive camp experience for your child.

Meet Mat Klachefsky: Camp Director

Mat has a 20-year history with Camp Stephens that includes seven years as a staff member where he wore many hats, including: Program Coordinator, Medic, Six-Week Tripper, Mat KlefchefskySection Coordinator, LDP Coordinator, High Ropes Coordinator and many more.  Mat has also worked in senior positions at summer camps all over the world including Oregon, Ontario and Australia.  He has spent eight years working as an Educational Assistant with the Louis Riel and Winnipeg School Divisions and has directed day camps in Winnipeg for three years. Mat is thrilled to be back at Stephens and is passionate about creating a camp community where kids can develop skills, gain self-confidence and have incredible memories that last a lifetime.

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