Financial Assistance

Camper Subsidies

At the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg, we want to make sure that all children and youth have an opportunity to benefit from a magical camp experience. The YMCA-YWCA and the Sunshine Fund both offer subsidy programs and extended payment plans to assist you if your financial circumstances would otherwise prevent you from affording summer camp.


1.      Who is eligible to receive financial assistance?
Families whose financial circumstances make them unable to pay the full fee for their children’s camping program.

2.      What subsidy is available?
Subsidy programs are available at Camp Stephens. A camper can apply for either Campership Fund or Sunshine Fund but not for both funding.

3.      Is it possible to attend Camp for free?
No. Every family must pay a portion of the fee themselves.

4.      How does the YMCA-YWCA determine how much I pay?
Each family needs to contribute as much as they can afford and families are welcome to make monthly payments to help manage the cost. The amount of assistance will vary depending on income and cannot be determined without going through the application process.  Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted to discuss your payment options.  This process can take between 1 to 4 weeks.  Requests for payment schedule extensions must be approved in writing by the Camp Director.

5.      What if I’m already receiving subsidy from another part of the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg?
If you are currently receiving subsidy, such as a membership centre, you can still apply for financial assistance. As long as the account you currently have is in good standing you will automatically be eligible to receive assistance. Please note that documentation used to process your other subsidy will not be transferred to the administration office for privacy and security reasons.

6.      Where does the money come from?
The YMCA-YWCA Campership Program is supported by individuals, businesses and foundations that donate to our Camping Programs.  The Sunshine Fund is a separate program and is part of the Manitoba Camping Association.

7.      If I receive subsidy through the financial assistance program what is expected of me?
Applying for subsidy requires a commitment to complete your payments as determined during the application process. We must receive your fully completed financial assistance application within seven business days of registration.

8.      If I have received subsidy from the YMCA-YWCA in the past can I apply again?
Yes. It is however our goal that, if possible, you continue to contribute more towards the camp fee each year.  The amount families are asked to contribute may vary from year to year depending on the financial circumstances of individual families.

9.    What am I expected to include with my application?                                                Applicants are required to provide proof of income One of the following documents will be accepted:

Notice of Assessment from the last fiscal year required for both parent’s if you are married or claim common-law when filling taxes.

CPP Disablity letter

EIA Budget letter.

These documents are kept confidential.

10.      Is my application kept confidential?
Yes. Your application and financial documents are kept confidential. Your application is managed by the Camps Registrar who will contact you once you application has been received and reviewed by the Camp Director and authorized staff.

11.  When can I apply?

Subsidy Applications will be accepted any time after registration opens in January till one month before the desired programs start date.  Our subsidy program has a limited amount of funds and therefore should be applied for as early as possible.  Applications received less than one month prior to the program start date may not be considered.


There are two ways to apply for subsidy:

1.  YMCA-YWCA Campership Fund

    • Complete your camper’s registration form available for download on the website or at any of our branches
    • Complete the Camp Subsidy Application
    • Attach documentation to support your application
    • Submit your campership application and supporting documents in a sealed envelope to the camp office, 3550 Portage Ave., attention to Camp Registrar. These are due within seven business days of submitting your camper’s registration form;
    • The Camp Director will assess your application and contact you with the results;

2.      Manitoba Camping Association’s Sunshine Fund

    • Complete your camper’s registration form available on the website or at any of our branches;
    • Contact the Sunshine Fund office at 204-784-1130 or visit
    • Sunshine Fund will contact you directly;

Please note that families applying for financial assistance are required to pay a $50 non-refundable deposit per camper at the time of registration. Please apply early as both programs have limited funds. All documentation is held in confidence and used to support and verify information submitted on your application.

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