Leadership Development

Building Skills for Tomorrow’s Leaders

We are pleased to announce some exciting changes for the LDP program in 2017!  The program has been expanded from 4 weeks to 6 weeks of Leadership Development for 16 and 17 year olds.

At Camp Stephens, we are deeply committed to training young people with the personal skills and leadership abilities that will be foundational throughout the rest of their lives.  It is our hope that applicants who experience our Leadership Development Program (LDP) will become leaders wherever life takes them.  This six-week program is designed to challenge and facilitate the development of these skills through a fun, hands-on experience amidst a supportive and encouraging community.

Throughout LDP, participants will be guided and mentored by staff specifically chosen for their leadership skills and ability to develop new leaders.  Participants will spend time in all areas of camp life.  They will spend the first two weeks getting to know each other and themselves by taking part in a two week canoe trip.  The second two weeks will be spent in camp, learning the ropes of how to be an effective leader at camp and beyond.  The final two weeks will be spent job shadowing a counsellor and being put into an exciting leadership role for a group of campers. Participants will return home for a weekend break between each two week session that they attend for a total of two weekends off per group.

This summer, we will select a group of young adults who show true leadership potential to participate in our program.  Applicants for the Leadership Development Program should have completed grade 10 or 11 and be 16-17 years of age. These applicants should be responsible, enthusiastic, and be prepared to be a role model to younger campers.  Applicants accepted into the program are truly in for the summer of a lifetime!

How to Apply

Applications should be sent to:

Camp Stephens
3550 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3K 0Z8


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