My daughter travels from Denver, Colorado every year to attend and absolutely loves Camp Stephens. She comes from a long line of alumni that attended including her mom, uncle, grandfather, and great-grandfather. She can’t wait to return each year. She loves the activities, counselors and the island location. There is no place like it!
– Alumni Parent

Participate in Fun, Active and Positive Activities

We endeavour to create a positive and caring community where people can try new things and grow in confidence and success amidst friends. Our desire is to have fun and challenge each other to grow as people.

Campers learn about our “national vehicle” and gain an appreciation of how our great country was explored. With an emphasis on safety and fun, students learn the basic parts and operations of a canoe.

Students learn the basic parts and operations of kayaking. Students will learn the basic strokes to help manoeuvre their boat and discover the joy of kayaking through a variety of games.

Our Sailing Coordinator oversees the whole sailing program at Camp Stephens. Using Hunter 170 Sailboats, campers learn the basics of sailing and how to harness the wind to go where they want to go.

Campers learn the basics of climbing and learn to face their fears and challenge their abilities. Climbing is supervised by our Climbing Coordinator who has a minimum of Level 1 High Ropes and our counselors who are trained belayers.

Bouldering/Low Ropes
These activities can be done for fun or can be focused on developing group dynamics and teamwork. As they work toward a common goal, campers learn the importance of cooperation, communication, leadership, initiative and trust. These activities are led by our counselors.

High Ropes
Campers challenge themselves on obstacles suspended 35 feet above the ground on cables, which are secured to poles that are anchored in the island floor. The elements are designed to pose a variety of climbing and personal challenges. High Ropes is supervised by our High Ropes Coordinator who has a minimum of Level 1 High Ropes and our counselors who are trained belayers.

Swimming is done as a recreational activity with no formal swim instruction. During the spring participants must wear a PFD to go swimming and are supervised by our counselors who have a minimum of Bronze Cross. During the summer all campers participate in a swim test and are supervised swimming by our Waterfront Coordinator and Lifeguards.

This activity is run by our International & Environmental Coordinator and is an opportunity to learn about the world we live in. Presented in a creative manner and using games, campers learn about a different culture or ecosystem.

Wide Games
These are large game activities that can cover the main campus and sometimes cabin line as well. Wide games typically involve a lot of running to blow off some steam and hang out with a different group of people. Wide games include games such as Capture the Flag, Cardoozy, Survival, etc.

Flat Games
With a large flat area with basket ball nets, this is the place to come to play typical gym games like hockey, basketball, volleyball, dodge-ball, etc.

Mass Days
This is a program where the age group sections or the whole camp will be engaged in a common theme day program.

No visit to Camp Stephens would be complete without a campfire! The staff will get things rolling and get you out of your seat with various silly songs and skits.

Extended Canoe Trips
Depending on age, campers will experience a one to three night canoe trip for all those registered in our two week camps. Campers will paddle to popular campsites within close proximity to Camp Stephens, learning valuable outdoor living skills. Camp Stephens’ picturesque setting is the perfect place for this memorable, one of a kind wilderness canoe trip.

Skills Clubs

Skill clubs are a portion of the day where campers can learn advanced skills in a program area. Campers will be assigned one skill club per week and will spend an hour per day focusing on that program area. Most skill clubs have levels that a camper can gain based on their demonstrated abilities; three preliminary levels followed by the much-coveted bronze, silver and gold badges. A Camper’s skill level will carry over to the next year they are at camp. The different clubs we offer are: High Altitude (climbing & high ropes), Sailing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming/Lifeguarding, Wilderness, Basketball and Art. For more information check out our frequently asked questions below.

Skills Clubs FAQ

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